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Sven bathes his works of art in an atmosphere of serenity and stillness. They are built up in different layers, based on an old sfumato painting method.

We already know this technique in which images are built up in layers and blurred from the time of Leonardo da Vinci, who was a master in this. In this step-by-step, layered construction Sven adds different media including  his passion for photography. 'The final picture' remains quite vague,

this creates more room for personal interpretation and inspiration. The organic form of his works also ensures that his works do not intrude, but softly enter and create a calm, serene atmosphere in the space where the works are hung.

Picking up a work by Sven at the office is an experience in itself. He will hang it himself, and bless it.

It is a moment in which he likes to clarify his vision to realize social change through art.

Previously, Sven pioneered with the monkey creations and Kipling bags and with his sustainable clothing brand I AM. In his CASA UMU he also gives lectures and workshops to help people and companies in their transition to more sustainability.

More info about Sven and his story:

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