This giveaway  is  Unsubscribed  by: the Whowart brand – company ark Management BV The concerned  offices  to be  element of  ark Management BV established  at  Waasmunster (Belgium).  



1.  Participation in  action  is  for free,  Bee  the  concerning  action  “choose and win your art poster”  and  runs over a period from November 1 to December 15, 2021. Participation is possible without obligation. 

2.  Participation in  actions  stands  Open  in front of  inhabitants  from the European region (you cannot win if you enter outside the European region).

3.  A participant  can  only  join once  per  action,  unless  emphatically  different  is  indicated.

4.  Participants under  the  16  year  serve  demonstrable  permission from  their  legal  to have a representative  got  in front of  participation  at  the  concerning  action.  Ark management BV  is  entitled  to  the existance  by  this permission to  check.  If  turns out  Which  none  permission is  given,  can Ark management BV  before  select  the  price  not  from  to turn,  unless  the  participant  still can  demonstrate  Which  there is permission  obtained.

5.  Participants are  obligated  until  the  provide  by  correct,  current  and  complete information  when participating  at  An  action. Ark management BV promotion conditions and  game rules as described here.



1.  At the  “choose and win your art poster”  action  will announce the winner with a live Instagram draw there is one draw and one winner.

2.  Unless  different  mention,  turn into  the  winner  by  the action  “choose and win your art poster”  appointed by an impartial means.

3.  The prize winners  will be announced during live Instagram on 17/12 2021.  If a  winner  not  can  turn into  reaches,  shall  Ark management BV a  next one  winner  point out  on  the same way  upon which  the  original winner  is  designated.  The  original  winner  can  in  Which  case none  claim  more  to make  on  the  price. 

4.  About  the outcome  can  not  turn into  corresponded.

5.  The price  is becoming  like this  fast as possible  handed over  or  sent  after  announcement of  the  winner. 

6.  The price  is  in person  and  stands  on  name  by  the  winner.  The  price  is  not  transferable  (unless  it expressly  stands  indicated) or  otherwise  exchangeable  or  from  to turn  in  money.

7.  If  the  price  exists  from  entrance tickets  in front of  An  event  can  there  cancellation of  the event  no  claim  created  turn into  on  any  form  by  compensation.

8.  The prices  turn into  paid  in  the  stands  in which  they  himself  located.  Ark management BV is  not  responsible for  any  visible  or  hidden  flaws  at  the  Prices,  nor  in front of  possible  injury  Bee  the  delivery (shipping) of  the  price.

9.  every  winner  explains  himself  by means of  participation  agreement  Which  he she  prepared  is  along  at  to work  to promotional  activities  in  bandage  of  the  concerning  action,  of which  the  payment of  the  price. Possible  photos  can  then  by means of  Ark management BV and/or the  side  That  the  price  ter  order  has  be asked  used  in front of  publicity purposes.  Ark management BV is  for this  no  compensation due to  participant. 

10.  If  at  participation  at  the  action  submission from  material connected  is  (photo,  text or  other  work) then  explains  participant: a.  authorized to  to be  this  material in  at  send  and  rightholder  at  to be  on  this  material or  the rightful claimant  at  represent  by  all  intellectual  property rights  That  relate  on  the  submitted  material.  b.  by means of  participation  at  the  action  provided  participant  at  Ark management BV unconditional  An  not exclusive  transferable  right of use  at  considered  by  the  concerning  submission. Ark management BV mag  below  more  the  submission  public  to make.  Participant  is doing  distance  by  all personality rights  on  the  submission,  in front of  as far  Which  legal  seen  possible  is.  Ark management BV Promotion conditions and  game rules version  as described here.



1.  Ark management BV used  the  data  by  the  Attendees  in front of  as far  necessary  in front of  the  organization  of a  action  and  in front of  the  possible  transmission of  the  Prices.  



1.  If  An  action  is becoming  communicated  through  facebook  or  Others  social  media  channels,  then  is becoming  this on  no  couple of  manner sponsored,  supported  or  guided  by means of  these parties. 

2.  Ark management BV acts  of  her  actions  in  accordance with  the  Code of Conduct  Promotional Games of Chance  by  1  January 2014.

3.  On these terms  is  the  Belgian  Straight  by  application.

4.  In all  cases  in which  this  conditions  not  provided  specifically  Ark management BV. 5.  If  before  An  action  particular  specific  lines  turn into  lined up  That  to differ  by  these conditions,  to have  this  specific  lines  priority over  the  particular  in  these conditions. 

6.  Ark management BV retains  himself  the  straight  in front of  to  An  action  without  statement  by  reasons  on  any moment  to end  or  the  Prices  and/or promotional period  at  modify,  then  too  decide  to  not  until  payment of the  Prices  about  to go,  without  any  possibility  until  compensation or  compensation  in front of  the participants.

7.  Ark management BV is  on  no  couple of  way liable  in front of  possible  injury  That  results  from  An  action, nor  in front of  possible  technical  malfunctions,  flaws  or  delay with  related to  participation  to a  action  or  the  designation of  An  winner.  Ark management BV spends  the  largest  possible care to  Management  by  her  websites  and  social media  pages,  but  is  not  responsible  in front of  any incorrect or  incomplete  information. 

8.  The promotion conditions  and  game rules  can  altered  turn into.  Ark management BV advises  therefore regularly this  conditions  at  to look at.

9.  In front of  to ask  and/or  complaints  can  Contact  turn into  included  of  Ark management BV,  Kleemstraat 29,  8302  9250 Waasmunster,  e-mail  whow@whowart.com. Ark management BV Promotion conditions and  game rules as described here.




This giveaway is organized by: the brand Whowart – company ark Management BV The offices concerned are part of ark Management BV located in Waasmunster (Belgium).



1. Participation in the promotion is free, with the relevant promotion "choose and win your art poster" and runs over a period from November 1 to December 15, 2021. Participation is without obligation.

2. Participation in promotions is open to residents from the European region (you cannot win if you participate outside the European region).

3. A participant can only participate once per promotion, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

4. Participants under the age of 16 must have demonstrable permission from their legal representative to participate in the relevant promotion. Ark management BV is entitled to check the existence of this permission. If it appears that no permission has been given, Ark management BV can choose not to pay out the prize, unless the participant can still demonstrate that permission has been obtained.

5. Participants are obliged to provide correct, current and complete information when participating in a promotion. Ark management BV promotion conditions and game rules as described here.



1. In the “choose and win your art poster” promotion, the winner will be announced with a live Instagram draw, there is one draw and one winner.

2. Unless otherwise stated, the winner of the “choose and win your art poster” promotion will be selected by an impartial means.

3. The prize winners will be announced during live Instagram on 17/12 2021. If a winner cannot be reached, Ark management BV will designate a next winner in the same way in which the original winner was designated. In that case, the original winner will no longer be able to claim the prize.

4. It is not possible to correspond about the result.

5. The prize will be handed over or sent as soon as possible after the winner has been announced.

6. The prize is personal and in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable (unless expressly stated) or otherwise exchangeable or redeemable for cash.

7. If the price consists of tickets for an event, no compensation can be claimed in the event of cancellation of the event.

8. The prizes will be paid in the condition in which they are. Ark management BV is not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the prizes, nor for any damage during the delivery (shipment) of the prize.

9. Each winner agrees by entering that he/she is willing to participate in promotional activities in connection with the relevant promotion, including the distribution of the prize. Any photos can then be used by Ark management BV and/or the party that made the prize available for publicity purposes. Ark management BV does not owe any compensation to the participant for this.

10. If participation in the promotion involves the submission of material (photo, text or other work), the participant declares: a. to be authorized to submit this material and to be the rightful claimant to this material or to represent the rightful claimant of all intellectual property proprietary rights relating to the submitted material. b. by participating in the promotion, the participant unconditionally grants Ark management BV a non-exclusive transferable right of use with regard to the relevant entry. Ark management BV may, among other things, make the entry public. Participant waives all personality rights to the entry, insofar as this is legally possible. Ark management BV Terms and conditions and game rules version as described here.



  1. Ark management BV uses the details of the participants to the extent necessary for the organization of a promotion and for the possible sending of the prizes.



1. If an action is communicated via Facebook or other social media channels, it is in no way sponsored, supported or guided by these parties.

2. Ark management BV acts with its actions in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance of 1 January 2014.

3. Belgian law applies to these terms and conditions.

4. Ark management BV will decide in all cases not provided for in these terms and conditions. 5. If certain specific rules are drawn up for a promotion that deviate from these terms and conditions, these specific rules take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions.

6. Ark management BV reserves the right to terminate a promotion at any time without stating reasons or to change the prices and/or promotion period, or to decide not to pay out the prizes, without any possibility for damages or compensation for the participants.

7. Ark management BV is in no way liable for any damage resulting from a promotion, nor for any technical malfunctions, defects or delays with regard to participation in a promotion or the selection of a winner. Ark management BV takes the greatest possible care in the management of its websites and social media pages, but is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.

8. The promotion conditions and game rules can be changed. Ark management BV therefore recommends that you regularly review these terms and conditions.

9. For questions and/or complaints, please contact Ark management BV, Kleemstraat 29, 8302 9250 Waasmunster, e-mail whow@whowart.com. Ark management BV Terms and conditions and rules of the game as described here.